The social function of Recount text is to retell past event or something which happened in the past. The purpose of this text can be only to inform or even just to entertain.  Derewianka (1990) identified three types of Recount text, namely Personal Recount, Factual Recount, and Imaginative Recount. Personal Recount exposes an event in which the writer or the author got involved or acted in the event himself. Belong to this type among others are daily funny incidents, entries of a diary, etc. Factual Recount is a note of an event, such as scientific experiment report, police report, newspaper report, history explanation, etc. Imaginative Recount is an unreal event or story, like reading texts for language lesson, a story about a life of a slave, etc. Hardy and Kalrwein (1990) divided two kinds of Recount, namely Personal Recount and Historical Recount.

Recount text usually has three main parts, they are :
1 Orientation : identify a person or thing acted or got involved in the event, including the time, a certain place, the situation, etc.
2 Series of Events : ordered in a chronological sequence.
3 Re-orientation : not always (optional), it contains personal comments


My Adventure at Leang-Leang Cave

Leang-leang Cave at Maros, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

On Sunday, my parents, my best friend Sam and I visited a cave at Maros called Leang-leang . It was my first time to visit the cave, better yet, my best friend came to visit it with me!

The cave was famous for its primitive cave wall paintings which were some hand prints and wild boar paintings. The cave and its surroundings was turned into a national park, so it was taken care of.

My parents took a rest in a small hut for visitors of the park, while Sam and I adventured around the cave with a guide. We had to climb some metal stairs to get to the cave, because the cave was embedded into a small mountain.

5 hand-prints

Next stop was a place where some seashells littered the ground and some were actually piled into a big mound! The guide said that these piles of seashells are called kjokkenmoddinger, or kitchen trash. The humans who lived here ate the shells and dumped the left overs in their ‘kitchen’.

The last place was a small museum where they have skeletons of the humans who lived in the caves. The skeletons along with some roughly made jewelry and weapons were placed inside glass cases for display. The walls of the museum were adorned with photographs taken when they did an excavation there.

After a quick lunch with Sam and my parents, we decided it was time to go back home. We really had the time of our lives!


This is the link to download the voice sample :: download


  1. Randz Bumz says:

    boleh2 Jo,tp salah postingan lu!hahaa

  2. Randz Bumz says:

    Iya,kan lo jurusan matematika..ahahahahaaa

  3. Evik D P says:

    Bagus Jo, itu buatanmu sendiri naratifnya ya?

  4. Eten Dolphin says:

    hiaaaaaaaaa, lo udh posting ajaaa!!!

  5. arin aardy says:

    ini contoh untuk spoken text atau written text ? atau bisa di gunakan sekaligus?

  6. Hi. I’m Anin

    there are so many type of recount text such as textbook, biography, personal recount, procedural recount text, etc. Could you show me how to make a Personal Recount Text?

    Thanks anyway XD

  7. Mas, boleh minta e book nya derewianka? no hp saya ini 085747223922. terima Kasih. saya sudah mencarinya berhari2 tapi tidak ketemu juga

  8. jadi kalo buat tugas di sekolah , disuruh nyari spoken text. ini bisa digunakan bukan? (:

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